Affairs of State has a range of training and education services, including Government & Society 101, Government & Society 102, and specialised services by request.

Government & Society 101:

Getting what you want for your community or organisation.

A one-day, interactive workshop educating and training you so that you can more easily clarify perspectives and achieve your objectives with government and stakeholders. Designed specifically for your team.

Presented by Alistair Urquhart.

Government & Society 102:

For people and organisations to finesse their existing skills.

With the new team in Victoria, your team needs to get to know how they work. Built on top of Government & Society 101, but designed more for the experienced practitioner or those with some knowledge of the field already. This workshop will make you think and re-think about your strategy for dealing with government, and teach you a few new tricks.

Presented by Alistair Urquhart.

Specialist Training Packages:

We customise and personalise all of our education seminars for your team, but if there’s a particular issue you want addressed, or a problem your organisation is facing, we provide targeted, interactive sessions to help you.

Affairs of State has a healthy range of training packages available that help out community organisations and not-for-profits as well, ensuring that these groups are not left behind and that their vital services are well-represented to government.