We provide you with the knowledge, the understanding and the confidence to engage with government.

How often does one hear a former government minister, a former permanent head of department, a former top bureaucrat with massive experience, and a lobbyist who has walked the corridors of power for decades, all serving up their best advice on how to get the most out of government?

The Affairs of State Government Relations Workshops are held regularly throughout the year.

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Affairs of State, established in 1993, is an independent Australian public affairs firms with contemporary international connections.

Affairs of State provides a suite or matrix of professionals tools to multinational businesses, professional and industry associations, government agencies, pressure groups, NGOs and community causes in Australia and abroad.

'From ideas, ideology and philosophy through the processes of policy development to legislation, regulation and administration.'

"I find Letter From Melbourne's sharp and succinct briefings integral to staying informed on business, policy and cultural news and events in Melbourne and Victoria. If you're a frequent traveller or expatriate, it's a must-have when keeping tabs on Home"
Leith Doody, Minister Commercial to Indonesia, Australian Trade Commission.